Announcement on lending business

2021-05-20 00:03:22:0

Dear AEX  friends:

Due to the impact of the big market, some users may not be able to cover up their loan orders. In order to protect user assets, AEX Anbank will now be unable to cover up and liquidate positions due to stalling issues from 19:30 to 21:45 on May 19 Orders will be reserved for processing.

You can confirm the pledge that needs to be supplemented before 24:00 on May 20. If you need to supplement, you can provide your ID, order ID, and order screenshots to the online customer service. For key accounts, please submit the information to the key account manager.

We will process it uniformly on May 21. If the time expires, the operation of replenishing the pledge will be abandoned by default, and the order will not be reserved. Please pay attention to the follow-up notice and handle it in time.

AEX team

May 20, 2021