AEX Launches "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" Event,Receive a maximum basic salary of 1500 usdt

2021-04-22 15:30:01:0

With the rapid development of AEX's financial business worldwide, the platform will launch the "Global financial promotion ambassador

" recruitment plan in April 2021. As the global promotion partner of AEX financial business, "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" will assist Anbank's financial business sector to operate in the global market and jointly build a global blockchain ecosystem.


Activity time: April 22, 2021-July 31, 2021

Event Details:

1. How to apply to become "AEX Global Financial Ambassador"

You can apply to become a "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" if you meet any two of the following conditions

(1) Have experience in the promotion and drainage of related businesses in the blockchain industry;

(2) Have experience in the promotion and drainage of related businesses in the financial industry;

(3) Have social media accounts in mature operation, not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, blockchain column numbers, etc.;

(4) Have experience in building and operating communities independently;

(5) Have relevant business resources that can be grafted;

2. What are the rights and interests of  "AEX Global Financial Ambassador?


Super high rebate-exclusive up to 30% loan rebate and 8% financial management rebate;

Tiered base salary-200 USDT, 500 USDT, 1500 USDT equivalent GAT fixed base salary;

High bonus-AEX will set up a "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" bonus pool with the equivalent of 30,000 USDT worth of GAT. All the "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" will share 50% of the bonus according to the number of invitees in the current month; all Gods of Wealth will be based on the total amount of money borrowed by the invitees in the month + financial management The total amount of funds will be divided into 50% of the bonus according to the ratio;

Exclusive peripherals-customized  "AEX Global Financial Ambassador"  exclusive peripheral gifts;

Exclusive gifts-enjoy exclusive gifts during holidays;

Exclusive support-AEX will provide professional operation training, event support, financial support and community support

3. Responsibilities of AEX "AEX Global Financial Ambassador"


The global financial promotion ambassador ranks are reviewed once a month, based on the actual situation of the month and combined with the rank standards of each ambassador, and a fixed base salary and monthly bonus are issued that month. At the same time, the ambassador will enjoy the preferential loan ratio, loan rebate ratio and financial management rebate ratio of the ambassador level next month.

The total amount of borrowing money or financial management of the invitee in the current month: refers to the total amount of borrowing money and the total financial management of the invitee in the current month, as long as one meets the standard

Number of valid invitations: the invitee has any behavior in lending or financial management, that is, a valid invitation

4. Recommend "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" to get high GAT rewards

All users can recommend users to become the "AEX Global Financial Ambassador". If the recommended "AEX Global Financial Ambassador" successfully meets any of the requirements of the God of Wealth in the current month's rating as a valid recommendation, they can get 1000 GAT rewards. There is no upper limit for rewards for each account. 

Special Note

1."Global financial promotion ambassador adopts the principle of voluntary registration (registration link), and AEX Anyin will screen;

2.During the term of "Global financial promotion ambassador, it is strictly forbidden to swipe the amount maliciously. Once discovered, the ambassador qualification and bonus will be cancelled;

3."Global financial promotion ambassador salary and bonus will be issued in the form of GAT, converted to the closing price of the day before the payment;

4."Global financial promotion ambassador salary will be paid within 5 working days after the rating is completed;

5."Global financial promotion ambassador independently engages in promotional activities in its own name, and has no right to assume or promise any express or implied obligations in writing or in other forms in the name of AEX or on behalf of AEX ;

6.AEX reserves the final right to interpret the recruitment activities of ""Global financial promotion ambassador";