Participate in NULS DEFI Mine Pool to enjoy 38% of the activity annualized and 100% NULS Airdrop!

2021-04-19 14:33:39:0

Dear AEX friends,


To celebrate the launch of NULS financial products in the Defi Mine Pool, AEX and NULS hold the activity of "Participating in NULS Defi Mine Pool Financial Management, 100% NULS Air Drop", welcome all users to participate! The details are as follows:

NULS DeFi Pool


10 days



Guaranteed capital and interest


To participate in NULS finance>>


Activity Time:

From April 19 to April 26, 2021




Activity 1: NULS financial management, divide up NULS airdrop

Users who participate in the investment of NULS-DEFI mine pool during the activity can participate in the allocation of NULS air drops worth 2000 U, and each of them can also get an additional 0.5% interest rate coupon.


Activity 2: Polite Weibo

During the activity, participate in the reposting and interaction of the activity's Weibo: comment on [to say to NULS], express your expectations and suggestions for your domestic public chain NULS, and then you will be eligible for the Weibo lottery. We will draw 10 partners to send lucky NULS peripheral at 12:00 noon on April 26, 2021.


Activity 3: Community AMA, won GAT award


NULS will visit Anyin Live Studio at 3:00 PM on April 20th. Invitation to the activity group will give you the corresponding GAT reward (Note: 1GAT is worth about 0.27CNC).


Activity rules:

1. Divided award formula = cumulative investment per person during the activity period/total cumulative investment during the activity period * NULs worth 2000U

2. Activity is limited to Nuls-Defi mine pool financing;

3. There is no upper limit of investment in this activity. When the amount of the mine pool reaches the upper limit, a new mine pool will be automatically generated and the same benefits will be enjoyed.

4. The reward will be distributed within 7 working days after the event;

5. AEX has the right to cancel the award qualification in case of any violation such as cheating;

6. AEX Platform reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity;

7. Scan the code to add financial assistant, reply "NULS", and join the activity group


AEX Team

Asset Guardian, Ann Bank assisted

April 19, 2021

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