Invite friends to finance: lead GAT air drop, get to rush the list reward

2021-03-23 10:18:16:0

Dear AEX Anyin,

Recently, a number of new coins have been launched in Defi mine pool, such as Dodo, Band, SXP, Helmet and so on. The annual interest rate can reach up to 38%. At the same time, there are many popular currencies such as USDT, BNB, BTC, ETH and so on. The annual interest rate is as high as 28%, the highest in the whole network! Now invite friends to participate in DeFi mine pool financing, in addition to get 5% financing interest rebate, there are limited time and limited reward waiting for you to get!

Activity Time:

March 23 - March 31, 2021

Activity Form:

Activity 1: Invite friends to dig new mines and share GAT airdrop

During the activity, invite friends to invest in the new mine pool of DEFI (BNB, DODO, BAND, NULS, SXP, XVS, UST) through personal invitation code. After friends successfully invest, it will be deemed as a valid invitation. In addition to the 5% financial interest commission, the inviter can also get 88 GAT airdrop bonus with friends each. Prizes totaling 50,000 GAT, first come, first served while stocks last.



5% Interest rebate



Activity two: the list of invited talent

During the activity, if you invite your friend to invest in any Defi mine pool through your personal invitation code, the friend will be deemed as a valid invitation after successful investment. The ranking is based on the number of invited valid friends. The number of invited valid friends ≥3 will automatically get the ranking qualification, and the top 10 users will be rewarded accordingly. The details are as follows:




15000GAT(Worth 346 USDT)


8000GAT(Worth 185 USDT)


3000GAT(Worth 70 USDT)


1000GAT(Worth 26 USDT)

Activity 3: microblog welfare

Amway plan is coming, now Amway will draw 100 yuan cash red envelope + gifts around Anyin

Right click @AEX Anyin

Come to Anyin financial management tips + forward this micro blog

searchbook@three good friends

Example: financial management to an silver, the year of the ox is hair

At 12:00 on March 31, 2021, draw 3 users to get 100 yuan each; 10 users received AEX Anyin peripheral gifts.

Activity rules:

Activity 1: Defi Mines Pool BNB, DODO, BAND, NULS, SXP, XVS, UST only

2. Participate in three activities at the same time

3. The award will be distributed within 7 working days

4. During the activity, Anbank has the right to cancel the award qualification if there is any cheating behavior such as brushing small number in batches

AEX team

Asset Guardian An Yin assisted

March 23, 2021

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