ASwap New Pool:NBS-USDT Mining Rewards Liquidity Pool

2021-03-19 18:26:06:0

Dear users,

The ASwap pool will open on March 22, 2021 at 15:00 (UTC+8) for the NBS-USDT Mining Bonus pool.

We will put a certain amount of GAT into the NBS-USDT flow pool as a reward for liquidity mining. See details on the page for the annualized income

How to participate in ASwap

1. Exchange: Users can freely exchange the corresponding digital currency in the liquidity pool

2. Market-making: The user deposits the corresponding digital currency in the liquidity pool to add liquidity to the liquidity pool and become a liquidity provider

3. Mining: After becoming a liquidity provider, I will get the fee income and GAT mining income in the mobile pool (the mining income generated can be received at any time).

 ✳ note: liquidity pool cash handling fee of 0.3%, during the activity generated by the commission will return all to participate in market liquidity of the user.

After the event, 0.25% of the fee generated will be returned to the users participating in the liquidity market making, and 0.05% will be charged by the platform.

What is a ASwap

ASwap is a liquid mining product developed by AEX based on the principle of automated market Maker (AMM). ASwap consists of different flow pools in which there are two digital currencies.

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 Thanks for your support!

 AEX team

Asset Guardian An Yin assisted

March 19, 2021

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