Announcement: Open ALEPH-USDT mining rewards liquidity pool

2021-02-06 11:53:46:0

Dear AEX users,

The AEX ASwap liquidity pool will open the ALEPH-USDT mining rewards liquidity pool at 17:00 (UTC+8) on February 6, 2021.

Mining rewards time: 2021/2/6 17:00-2021/2/20 17:00 (UTC+8)

During the activity, AEX team and ALEPH team will put a certain amount of ALEPH in the ALEPH-USDT liquidity pool as rewards for the mining pool. Users deposit ALEPH and USDT to participate in market-making mining to obtain ALEPH token rewards

ALEPH-USDT liquidity pool:

About is an open-source crosschain network featuring decentralized database including file storage, computing, and a decentralized identity (DID) framework.’s core mission is to help decentralized apps and protocols strip off the centralized parts of their stack, achieving a fully decentralized architecture. You can think of as a decentralized AWS or firebase. is focused on supercharging the DeFi ecosystem.


ALEPH official website:

Smart contract:0x27702a26126e0b3702af63ee09ac4d1a084ef628

White paper address:


Thanks for your support!


AEX Team

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