Participate in pledge lending and enjoy the highest annualized 168% GAT mining income

2021-02-05 18:08:26:0

Dear An Yin friend,


Welcome the new year and enjoy the cattle luck! Anyin loan treasure will give you benefits!

Anyin Loanbao officially launched the "Participate in pledge lending and enjoy up to 168% annualized GAT mining revenue" activity. The specific activity rules are as follows:


Activity 1: Participate in pledge lending to enjoy up to 168% annual GAT mining revenue

During the event, participate in the loan treasure, pledge BTC, ETH, USDT to lend any currency, and the order loan time is 7 days or more, and enjoy the GAT mining income of the loaned market value.


Event time: February 6, 2020 ~ February 19, 2020 (UTC+8)

Active order mining revenue time: February 6, 2020-February 25, 2020 (UTC+8)

GAT mining revenue is as follows:

GAT mining income statement

Lending amount (converted to CNC market value)

Enjoy annual GAT mining income

10,000Lending amount<100,000


100,000Lending amount<500,000


500,000Lending amount<1 million


Loan amount1 million 168%


GAT mining revenue = lending market value (converted into CNC quantity) * GAT mining annualized revenue * order loan days during mining revenue / 365



Loan coins worth 1 million CNC, a total of 14 days during the income period:

GAT mining revenue=1000000*14*168%/365=64438GAT


Activity 2: Repost the set praise and take the cow


During the event, forward 3 likes in the lower set, and you can draw new year custom peripherals. Submit the shared screenshot to the WeChat account of Xiaodaibao's assistant to participate. Limited to the top 100, first come first served! WeChat ID: AEXjiedaibao


Activity time: February 5, 2020 ~ February 7, 2020



Activity 3: The password is in hand, I have the red envelope

During the event, all users who have participated in lending can join the exclusive community to get the new year red envelope password for lending and grab the exclusive red envelope for the new year with the password!

Times: New Year's Eve at 20:30 on February 11, and at 20:00 on February 12 on the first day of the new year


Password announcement time: February 10

Password announcement location: exclusive lending community


1. Scan the QR code to add a small assistant, and reply "borrowing"

2. After verifying the id, you can join the exclusive lending community

3.2 Get the new year red envelope password on 10th


Activity Rules:

(1) The settlement currency price of each currency is calculated at the closing price on February 5, and the final actual loan amount (CNC) will be actually settled at the closing price.

(2) The income of this activity is not used in conjunction with other discounts such as coupons. If the order enjoys other discounts, the income of this activity will not be enjoyed.

(3) The number of days that orders can enjoy mining revenue during the event will be counted until February 25, 2021.

(4) The number of borrowing days during the mining period is at least 7 days. If it is less than 7 days, the participation in the mining GAT activity is deemed to be cancelled. If the order is forced to close, return the currency, or manually close the position within 7 days, it will be deemed as cancellation of participation in GAT mining activities.

(5) All eligible GAT mining order revenues will be issued according to the actual borrowing time during the revenue period, and GAT mining revenues will be distributed by airdrop within 7 working days after the mining revenue cuts off. The specific release time is as announced quasi.

(6) The final interpretation right of this event belongs to AEX Anyin. In the event of cheating, volume trading, trumpeting, etc., AEX Anyin has the right to cancel its qualification.


AEX Anyin Team

Asset Guardian An Yin assisted

February 5, 2021