Current treasure online DOGE, expected annual interest rate of 5%

2021-02-05 16:03:24:0

Dear AEX Anyin,


Dogecoin can manage money! AEX Anyin's current account is on line at DOGE, with an expected annual interest rate of 5%. The details are as follows:


Last updated: February 5, 2021

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Expected annualized rate: 5%

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You may want to know:

1. What is the business model of AEX Anyin?

1. For part of the mainstream currency current financing, we will invest 60% of it in the corresponding term financing objects to earn the fixed income provided by the quantitative team to the platform, and the fixed investment income is enough to cover the current income. The remaining 40 percent of the funds will be set aside as a petty cash and will be monitored to make sure there is enough working capital available for you to deposit and withdraw.


2.Staking demand financing. AEX Staking will transfer the collected virtual currency to the corresponding mining node by pointing it to the corresponding mining node to obtain the official node income, but the currency itself remains in the AEX Staking wallet to ensure the safety of the asset.


For more introduction of AEX Anyin Wealth Management, please go to read

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II. How to ensure the security of funds in current financial management?

Sixty percent of current financing funds are used for quantitative investment. In terms of risk control, a seven-fold risk control mode is adopted to ensure investors' funds and returns.

> > the FAQ | AEX financial business income sources and risk control strategy to solve"


Third, current financing will not lead to timely withdrawal of cash?

(1) The fund management team of the platform will monitor the current financing investment data, reasonably control the current investment amount and liquidity, and ensure that investors can make deposits and withdrawals at any time;

(2) According to the calculation, the team will use 40% of the funds as the demand cash withdrawal reserve, which can basically meet the demand cash withdrawal demand of most users. At present, the deposit reserve ratio of China's commercial banks is about 15.5%, and the reserve ratio of financial institutions is basically no more than 20%. AEX Anyin demand cash reserve is 40%. In case of extreme circumstances, the platform will use its own reserves to deal with temporary turnover to ensure smooth withdrawal of investors' cash.


Four, financial treasure interest rate is the same?

The interest rate of wealth management treasure is not fixed. We will adjust the income according to the market situation and the supply and demand of investment. For details, please pay attention to the change of the annual income of the currency.


5. What should I do if I have other questions?

Use the online customer service function of AEX to submit the customer service work order, and there will be a friendly and professional customer service sister to answer your questions. You can also join the AEX Anyin community for timely first-hand consultation.


Founded in 2013, AEX Anbank is a global digital asset trading service platform, committed to creating a trustworthy digital asset bank for millions of users. Since its establishment, AEX Anyin has adhered to the principle of "customer first", "neutral" and "no evil", and advocated safe investment and steady value-added.


AEX An Syndicate Team

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February 5, 2021

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