AEX Anyin Loanbao officially launched CRV loan service

2021-02-04 16:29:25:0

Dear AEX Anyin friends:

The CRV digital asset project has been launched for AEX Anyin Loan Loan Business, which supports loans in more than 30 currencies. The specific details are as follows:

Online time: February 4

Currency: CRV

Borrowing cycle: 90 days, repay as you borrow

Borrowing interest rate: daily interest rate as low as 0.05% to borrow >>


CRV project introduction:

CurveDAO is created based on the Aragon framework, a decentralized autonomous platform, and will have a staking mechanism. Its CRV tokens are mainly used for governance and value appreciation. CurveDAO will collect transaction fees and execute CRV token repurchase and destruction. Curve plans to initially issue 1 billion CRV tokens and adopt an inflation model. Later, the tokens will increase to 3.03 billion. The initial inflation rate of the inflation plan was 59.5%.

AEX team

Asset Guardian An Yin assisted

February 4, 2021